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Saving Valentine's Day one Counter at a Time
You've got about ten days left! Give your valentine a ring they'll really love. You can put SportCount in a jeweler's box if you really need to. Or put it in the center of the chocolates in that cute heart-shaped candy box.

Order online at!

Early Summer Training: Bike Edition
Hey you guys; starting training early? We've got snow on the ground but warmth in our hearts as we think forward to spring and summer. SportCount's got you covered no matter which type of workout you're planning regardless of sport. Don't forget our newest model for bikes called the Velo-X. What's the X for? Xtremely practical. Xtremely convenient. Xtremely necessary!

Similar to the Chrono 100 counter, it:
* Fits to your bike's handlebars
* Recalls up to 100 individual lap times
* Recalls fastest, slowest, average, and total lap times
* Displays split times and lap numbers
* Gives total number of laps completed & total lap time
* Is water resistant to 50 meters

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Happy Holidays!
Hey guys! Long time, no post. Dude did we ever have an awesome holiday season. Black Friday was great this year with Chronos, Combos and LapCounters flying off the shelves. If you're a subscriber to Triathlon, Triathlete, Lava or Master Swimmers magazines you'll see us in there, along with some nifty discounts.

So, what are your new year's resolutions? Are you going to run more? Do you have a new PR? Are you swimming one more mile per day?

We at SportCount wish you a prosperous and fulfilling New Year!

Walking Tips
We think our team is doing well in the pedometer challenge. I'm in second place in my team right now, so I need to start stepping more. This brings us to a good topic; if you're not a weekend warrior and you can't walk to work, how can you incorporate a walking program into your life?

The following tips are from Reader's Read the entire article here. And,
while you're walking, wear a SportCount so you can see how many minutes a day you devote to the activity.

*Never sit while talking on the phone. Instead, walk around your home if you have a portable phone, and if not, pace back and forth.

*Plan events around walking. For example, rather than meeting friends for coffee or lunch, suggest meeting at the public gardens for a stroll.

*When watching television, always get up and move about during commercials.

*Take the stairs.

*Divide your lunch hour in two: 30 minutes of eating, 30 minutes of walking.

*Locate the outdoor mailbox closest to your home, and get in the habit of walking to it to send off your bills or letters.

Office Challenge!
Hey guys,

There's this program that goes on every year in Bethesda called the Bethesda Walk & Ride Challenge. The purpose of it is to promote alternative ways to commute rather than by car (take the bus, bike, walk, pogo-stick, what-have-you). The city provides pedometers and the company team with the most steps at the end wins. If you're in the area and participating, let us know!

This year, our SportCount office has a contest going on within the contest and the winner gets free lunch. Sounds good to us! For that challenge, we're using SportCount Chronos and Stopwatches to tally the total time it takes to get to work.

Follow our progress on Facebook and let us know if you've ever participated in a similar program. Maybe it inspired you to start walking, jogging, or running marathons. Let us know your story and the best one will win a free SportCount Stopwatch.

Making Waves
Hey guys, it was the Fitter & Faster Tour's 1-year anniversary last week! We wanted to wish them a great b-day and good vibes for many more.

For those that don't know, the Fitter & Faster Tour is a traveling opportunity to meet your biggest swimming heroes while joining together with other swim aficionados. Check it out and see when they're stopping by your town at You may have seen us in their tour program booklet. We appreciate the new fans we got, thank you all from SportCount Inc.!

See the video.

SportCount for Bikes!

BETHESDA MD – August 10, 2010

There’s a new addition to the SportCount family of sport timers. If you’re a cyclist, motorcyclist, dirt biker or motocross enthusiast, you need the new Velo-X model from SportCount. The SportCount Velo-X is very easy to use; simply wrap the adjustable band around your handlebar and press the button for each lap. There is no complicated hardware installation required so you can remove it from your bike easily, too. You’ll get your fastest, slowest and average lap readout, plus splits and other statistics all at the touch of one button. This model was made for motocross, motorcycling, dirt biking, mountain biking, and other cycling sports. Check it out on!



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Oh My Feet
Are you having trouble figuring out where you fall when it comes to tri training? This series of blog posts is easy to follow and is helpful for the newbie triathlete.

Follow Lanie's training here!

I Wonder What Thing 42 Is...
"Okay, I don't normally plug products here, but I bought this finger sized stopwatch with lap counter. The 90010 Combination SportCount.

I was getting tired of trying to keep track of laps in the pool. It is strangely difficult. First, it takes about 2 minutes (or more if you are slow like me) to swim 50 meters, and the whole time you are trying to remember the lap you are on..."

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