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Feel the Burn
It's HOT. Here in Bethesda we have a wet rag following us around as the humidity pushes the temperature outside to near 110 degrees, and other areas used to 70 degree weather are seeing record heat. For those trying to get their exercise in during the sunny but scorching days of summer, it's important to remember these tips:

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* Drink water - The body needs water in order to cool itself. Make sure you keep plenty with you. Author and sports dietitian Suzanne Eberle says if you're not going to the bathroom every four to six hours, you're not taking in enough fluids.

* Slow down - Don't push yourself to go too fast. Remember that the body needs to adjust to the change in weather from hot to HOT, and on really humid days you're not going to be able to go as fast as when it's not.

* Dress right - Make sure you wear breathable clothing to help your body regulate itself. Now's not the time to cover yourself in dark fabrics. Don't forget sunscreen.

* Avoid the heat - Exercise outside either in the morning or evening to limit exposure to heat. If waking up in the morning is extremely difficult, check out BioBrite's line of SunRise Alarm Clocks which help athletes wake for morning training in a natural way by mimicking the sun. And don't forget that you can exercise indoors too.

Don't forget to ask yourself how you're feeling. Realizing you're dehydrated today because of yesterday's run, for example, can help you identify possible complications before they occur. Seeing what your doctor thinks about your exercise plan for summer can help you determine what's best for you as well. And don't try to do something new on the hottest day of the year!

These tips taken from life and WebMD. Got your own?


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