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The Pool-Mate is Your Buddy

As we kick off the summer training season, many swimmers and triathletes are eager to learn of the season’s new gear. SportCount's products are used to improve swim stroke, efficiency and monitor workout data.

SportCount offers a range of counters to help any athlete on any budget with any need. Every counter in its line of adjustable finger ring lap counters and timers fits any sized finger, is waterproof, and is operated by one button so you never lose time during or concentration on your workout. Simply click the large, single button once per lap to record data. With four models to choose from, swimmers can obtain individual lap information, learn their average, fastest and slowest lap times, and more. Similar to SportCount’s finger counters, the new Pool-Mate Pro watch helps you train without a coach, anytime, in any pool.

SportCount Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the Pool-Mate Pro watch to its family. This watch "feels" your strokes in the pool based on your arm’s motions, so you can concentrate on the joy of the workout. It calculates your speed, distance, calories burnt and the efficiency of your strokes so you can work at improving your swimming with time. It also comes with a computer hookup and software so you can see your data represented visually.

SportCount has a product for every budget, every workout and every athlete. Check out the options on and in athletic shops nationwide. For international options, please contact SportCount at 301 961 5940 or via the contact form on


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