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Welcome to SportCount Inc.'s official blog! Based in Bethesda, Maryland, we're dedicated to bringing athletes the most efficient and innovative athletic timers, counters and equipment possible. SportCount products have been praised by professional athletes and featured on the Today Show, in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Swim Magazine, Runner's World, Health Magazine, Popular Science and other well-known programs and publications.

Above: Our SportCount Chrono 100 advanced timer.

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Our versatile products can be used for all kinds of sports, including swimming, running and cycling. Whether you are a beginning swimmer or an Olympic star, a mall walker or a marathon runner, a weekend warrior or a triathlete, we can help you find the perfect item for you. SportCount products are also used in lots of non-sport activities where timing and counting are important, from the science lab to cooking, to industrial applications.

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New Tool for Back to School Really Works: Students Will Sleep and Learn Better, Naturally

New Tool for Back to School Really Works: Students Will Sleep and Learn Better, Naturally


What’s on your back to school shopping list?

While shopping for pencils and notebooks, don’t forget to include a BioBrite SunRise Clock.  Of all the back to school items you might consider, this amazing clock has the most potential to improve your student’s readiness to learn, athletic performance, and academic success.

Research confirms the importance of a good night’s sleep for everyone, especially sleep deprived teenagers.  Their biological clocks are naturally set to a relatively late sleep schedule.  Add the nightly digital distractions that most teenagers love, and the National Sleep Foundation reports that only 20% of teenagers get sufficient sleep at night.  Research confirms that teenagers are the last people who should be waking early, yet most have to arrive at school very early and stay late to fit sports practices and other activities into a crowded day.

While sleep challenges are likely to persist throughout the school year, September is the cruelest month.  If teenagers follow their inclination and stay up late and sleep in all summer, going back to school can be, literally, a rude awakening.  Teenagers accustomed to sleeping until noon will be way out of sync with the schedule they’ll need to follow in September.  Many of those students will be sleeping in class and drinking coffee and energy drinks to try to stay awake.

You probably can’t fight the school schedule, but you can help smooth your teenager’s transition from summer sleep patterns to the September school schedule.  BioBrite SunRise Clocks are an effective remedy for that too-early school bus.  They mimic a natural sunrise each morning, and the gradually brightening light will wake your student naturally, helping them start the day with more energy and alertness.  Parents also love the fact that the BioBrite SunRise Clock wakes teens so effectively, avoiding the need for those nagging wake up calls and morning arguments that can leave the whole family starting the day in a bad mood.

SportCount Gains LAVA Holiday '11 List Spot

Hey guys, we're on the LAVA Holiday Wish List! Check it out for SportCount and other holiday gifts!

"Sportcount Chrono 100 lap counter, $39.95

This tiny “watch” is worn on a swimmer’s index finger and helps them
keep track of multiple lap times. It recalls up to 100 individual lap
times, including the fastest, slowest, average, and total lap times,
while also display split times and lap numbers, total number of laps
completed and total lap time, water resistant to 50 meters. As for ease
of use, our tester found this one a little more confusing because one
button performs so many tasks. With a read through the manual, however,
once you get the hang of it, it’s a great tool."

(Image above from

Veterans Day!

Hey guys! In honor of Veterans Day, SportCount finger units are 25% off! They're 50% off if you're a veteran or have a veteran in your family. You have to call in your order to get this deal, so contact us at 301 961 5940! (Deal ends 6 pm tonight!)

Nation's Triathlon!
Summer has just flown by, and we've gotten a lot of training in. Thanks to our Facebook fans who keep us posted on their PRs and workouts. This last week hasn't been easy for many of them due to the earthquake and hurricane. We want to wish everyone affected by hurricane Irene a speedy recovery.

Image from

Is anyone going to the Nation's Triathlon on September 11? It's sold out but you can still get in the race.

Feel the Burn
It's HOT. Here in Bethesda we have a wet rag following us around as the humidity pushes the temperature outside to near 110 degrees, and other areas used to 70 degree weather are seeing record heat. For those trying to get their exercise in during the sunny but scorching days of summer, it's important to remember these tips:

Photo credit: SashaW on Flickr

* Drink water - The body needs water in order to cool itself. Make sure you keep plenty with you. Author and sports dietitian Suzanne Eberle says if you're not going to the bathroom every four to six hours, you're not taking in enough fluids.

* Slow down - Don't push yourself to go too fast. Remember that the body needs to adjust to the change in weather from hot to HOT, and on really humid days you're not going to be able to go as fast as when it's not.

* Dress right - Make sure you wear breathable clothing to help your body regulate itself. Now's not the time to cover yourself in dark fabrics. Don't forget sunscreen.

* Avoid the heat - Exercise outside either in the morning or evening to limit exposure to heat. If waking up in the morning is extremely difficult, check out BioBrite's line of SunRise Alarm Clocks which help athletes wake for morning training in a natural way by mimicking the sun. And don't forget that you can exercise indoors too.

Don't forget to ask yourself how you're feeling. Realizing you're dehydrated today because of yesterday's run, for example, can help you identify possible complications before they occur. Seeing what your doctor thinks about your exercise plan for summer can help you determine what's best for you as well. And don't try to do something new on the hottest day of the year!

These tips taken from life and WebMD. Got your own?

Swim Bling!
Like swimming? Know what bling is? Learn the meaning at Triforfun. They affectionately call the SportCount "swim bling that works," and we couldn't agree more. While you're there, check out one of our faves, the Price of Triathlons; and it's a two parter! Can you pay the price?

Counting Youtube Views with a SportCount

Above: Our Chrono 100 ring lap timer in action.

Hey guys, we're on Youtube now! Youtube is a great way to see our products in action and connect with fitness and training communities worldwide. Click the link on the links bar of this blog to be taken there, or click here to be redirected.

If you haven't checked out the training tips on Youtube for triathlons, Kona, and everyday fitness, you're missing out. We've highlighted a few on our faves page. Please let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see a video from us about.

The Pool-Mate is Your Buddy

As we kick off the summer training season, many swimmers and triathletes are eager to learn of the season’s new gear. SportCount's products are used to improve swim stroke, efficiency and monitor workout data.

SportCount offers a range of counters to help any athlete on any budget with any need. Every counter in its line of adjustable finger ring lap counters and timers fits any sized finger, is waterproof, and is operated by one button so you never lose time during or concentration on your workout. Simply click the large, single button once per lap to record data. With four models to choose from, swimmers can obtain individual lap information, learn their average, fastest and slowest lap times, and more. Similar to SportCount’s finger counters, the new Pool-Mate Pro watch helps you train without a coach, anytime, in any pool.

SportCount Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the Pool-Mate Pro watch to its family. This watch "feels" your strokes in the pool based on your arm’s motions, so you can concentrate on the joy of the workout. It calculates your speed, distance, calories burnt and the efficiency of your strokes so you can work at improving your swimming with time. It also comes with a computer hookup and software so you can see your data represented visually.

SportCount has a product for every budget, every workout and every athlete. Check out the options on and in athletic shops nationwide. For international options, please contact SportCount at 301 961 5940 or via the contact form on

Tri Our Gear
Check us out on Bruce Holme's TriGadgets blog. He calls the SportCount "clever" and says he's "just delighted with it." Check us out along with some other gear on the post.


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